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Installation Accessories

Installation Accessories

Kinya Solutions has the best solution for the installation of polycarbonate honeycomb coating systems. These accessories have been developed for an integral fixation of our coating system, giving rise to roof panels and walls that in combination with existing metallic structures create self-sustaining solutions, of enormous energy saving and visual appearance.

The mechanical properties of Polycarbonate make this material resistant to shock giving optimum protection against accidental damages and those caused by climatic events.

The proper development of lighting systems requires control of the amount of light required within an infrastructure. Therefore, it is obvious the importance of the use of panels with a suitable passage of light and these can extend side by side thanks to our innovative installation system.


Application of the system

The unique features of this panel make it ideal for the most diverse applications, such as industrial building, urban decoration, lighting, design and decoration, or even in the DIY.

We recommend the installation of our range of polycarbonate honeycomb products, the use of suitable accessories and developed for this product in order to ensure optimal fixation of the products together with the sandwich panel.

For correct application of the coating system we recommend that you follow the instructions given in the installation manual as well as the use of appropriate accessories in the installation.